GENinCode complaints management system is dedicated to guaranteeing the quality of our products, receiving input from the information that comes to us from customers, as well as helping us improve development with the objective of user satisfaction and safety.

GENinCode recognises that there may be times when a customer feels they have a concern or complaint. To ensure that this is dealt with swiftly and fully GENinCode requests that when sending a complaint customers, where possible, should use the complaint email link provided below, and supply the following information:

  • The hospital or clinicians full name
  • Telephone number and email address
  • Product code/batch or software version or sample number as applicable
  • Full details of the complaint with photos where possible

CLICK HERE to send complaint

Alternatively, emails can be sent to using the subject header of ‘Complaint’.

GENinCode will acknowledge all complaints within 48 working hours of their receipt.

Once received, appropriate steps will be taken to investigate the complaint, with the customer informed as to the steps completed under the investigation with full feedback of the findings within 30 calendar days.

The complaint will be deemed closed when the customer acknowledges the feedback from GENinCode and no further information is requested.

The complaint will then be considered fully closed 30 days from the last communication with the customer.