With the onset of the SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and its high level of mortality in certain population groups, it is advisable to detect personal risk factors that can lead to the accelerated development and increased severity of infection by COVID-19.

Emerging epidemiological studies and publications are now identifying patients with cardiovascular disease and/or cardiovascular risk factors to show those vulnerable to COVID-19 infection and who have a worsened prognosis and increased mortality risk including;

• Patients with Cardiovascular Disease (CVD), hypertension and diabetes

• Certain treatment therapies which have adverse cardiovascular (CV) effects

• New cardiac pathologies and/or aggravating pre-existing CV pathologies

There is an urgent need to identify prognostic factors associated with increased morbidity and mortality and to stratify patients based on their risk and align them with the most appropriate treatment pathway.

Additionally, a high incidence of thrombosis in patients hospitalized for COVID-19 has been observed, with new cases of venous thromboembolism now being reported, giving rise to a need for greater understanding of the risk of thrombosis including;

• COVID-19 may predispose patients to thromboembolic disease, both venous and arterial, due to the body’s hyperinflammatory process, platelet activation, endothelial dysfunction and prolonged immobility.

• The presence or alterations in haemostasis and VTE are associated with greater severity of COVID-19 and higher mortality.

• After adjusting for age, gender and ICU stay, the presence of VTE is significantly associated with mortality.

Individualized assessment of the thrombotic risk of patients (whether or not they require hospitalization), is especially important depending upon their clinical criteria, major risk factors (including thrombophilia), and personal and family history.

GEN inCode provides globally leading Personalized Medicine test products which are proven both scientifically and clinically to better evaluate the risk and the vulnerability of patients to COVID-19:

• Cardio inCode® : Identifies the CV risk by assessing the patients genetic profile in addition to their existing clinical risk factors.

• Thrombo inCode® : Detects hereditary thrombophilia and assesses the risk of thrombosis

Assessing a patients risk profile in advance of treatment enables health care practitioners to establish the optimal treatment pathway for patients with COVID-19.

Our scientific, clinical and development teams are available to expand on this information and explain in more detail the benefits of our test products in the current climate of COVID-19.

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