• First pilot test in Spanish Primary Care, resulting from an agreement between the Predictive Genetics company GENinCode and the Extremadura Public Healthcare, to improve cardiovascular disease (CVD) prevention.
  • CARDIO inCode® is a world leading Personalised Medicine test, with significant scientific and clinical evidence which has been developed over the past 15 years and validated in over 80.000 patients.
  • In 2019, cardiovascular disease affected 9.8% of the Spanish population, being the major cause of death in Spain.


 Barcelona, 19 January 2023The Predictive Genetics company GENinCode, focused on the prevention of cardiovascular disease, and the Extremadura Health Service (SES) signed a collaboration agreement for the development of a pilot test for the implementation of the CARDIO inCode® genetic test in Primary Care to identify patients with a high genetic risk of CVD for preventative care.

The Extremadura Regional Ministry of Health’s priority, included in the current Comprehensive Plan for CVD (PIEC), is to reduce morbidity and mortality from CVD, the leading cause of death in Spain and worldwide. One of the main drivers of the plan is prevention, as it is estimated that “three out of every four cases of CVD can be prevented if a healthy lifestyle is adopted enabling the main cardiovascular risk factors to be avoided or reduced”.

This new strategy for primary prevention of CVD is being implemented based on the assessment of the coronary genetic risk of individuals. Hence, the SES, through collaboration with GENinCode, will incorporate the CARDIO inCode® genetic risk score into the clinical evaluation of the patient for a better assessment of their overall cardiovascular risk. A more focused promotion of a healthy lifestyle, as well as the initiation or intensification of preventive treatment in targeted patients, will prevent the onset of CVD in the region.


Dr. Ceciliano Franco, Director of the SES, commented: “The collaboration with GENinCode will reinforce Cardiovascular Prevention in the Extremadura Health Service, by including personal genetic information in the risk assessment, with the aim of further promoting the health of our population and reducing cardiovascular diseases”. 


CARDIO inCode® is a world-leading Personalised Medicine test, developed and owned by GENinCode, with strong scientific and clinical evidence developed over the past 10 years and validated in more than 80,000 patients. CARDIO inCode® is also currently progressing through the US FDA regulatory programme.


Jordi Puig, Chief Operating Officer of GENinCode, added: “The collaboration with the SES reinforces the integration of our CARDIO inCode® test at the Public Health level, to help advance in the primary prevention of cardiovascular diseases, the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in Extremadura, Spain and worldwide. We are confident that the project can support the Extremadura Health System in achieving its strategic objectives”.


In 2019, cardiovascular diseases affected 9.8% of the Spanish population, being the major cause of death in Spain representing 27.9% of all mortalities. Its economic cost to Spain is estimated at 9.0 Billion euros in 2020.


 About GENinCode

GENinCode Plc, based in Oxford (UK) with a European subsidiary in Barcelona, is a company specialising in cardiovascular risk assessment. Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death and disability worldwide.

GENinCode Plc operates its business units in the United Kingdom, in Europe, US and Latin America with affiliated businesses in Spain operating through GENinCode S.L.U., and in the United States through GENinCode U.S. Inc.

GENinCode’s predictive technology provides patients and physicians with world-leading treatment strategies and preventive care. GENinCode’s CE-marked molecular diagnostic tests combine clinical and genetic risk to provide physicians with advanced patient risk assessment for CVD.


About the SES

The Extremadura Public Healthcare is the main body responsible for health promotion, disease prevention and health care in the Extremadura Public Healthcare, covering 96% of the population of Extremadura. Its competencies include research into new bio-health technologies and the incorporation of innovation that efficiently shows benefits to the population.


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