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From our lab facility in Irvine, California, GENinCode provides high-quality cardiovascular genetic testing services with the unique combination of monogenic and polygenic risk assessment offerings.
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Hyperlipidemia assessment including 6-gene Familial Hypercholesterolemia panel (LDLR, APOB, PCSK9, APOE, LDLRAP1, LIPA) + Genetic Risk Score (GRS) for hyperlipidemia + Genetic Risk Score (GRS) for coronary artery disease



Genetic Risk Score (GRS) for coronary artery disease


    Ready to order a test?

    Have sample collection kits sent to your office today, at no charge to you. Buccal sample collection kits can also be sent directly to your patient at the time a test is ordered.

    *These kits are intended for the use of physicians, genetic counselors, and other medical professionals.

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    You’re seeking important genetic risk information to guide cardiac care for your patients and their families. The last thing you want to worry about is a large, unexpected bill. GENinCode is committed to working with you, your patient, and your patient’s insurance provider to provide access to this important genetic information at a reasonable and accessible cost, with support and transparency along the way.

    What is GENinCode’s billing policy?

    At the time of placing an order for genetic testing, the client selects the desired billing method and provides the relevant information. When GENinCode receives the completed test requisition form and sample, our team will verify all required billing information has been received.

    For insurance billing we will run a benefits investigation on each sample to determine the patient’s out of pocket cost. We will also reach out to the patient to provide this information.

    How does GENinCode handle institutional billing?

    We are happy to establish institutional billing agreements allowing organizations to be invoiced directly for completed testing. Please reach out to your local sales representative with questions about pricing and establishing an institutional contract agreement. A contract agreement must be put in place in order to select “Institutional billing” as the billing method when placing the test order (either via paper TRF or the online portal), and a specific contact person’s information is required at that time, in order to provide smooth, quick processing of the test sample. Contact us at

    Does GENinCode have a financial assistance program for patients?

    Yes.  GENinCode strives to make testing affordable and accessible.  For patients who qualify, the costs of their tests may be partially discounted or waived based on household income eligibility requirements.  Patients can apply by completing our Patient Assistance Program Form.

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